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__typename: "ShopifySync"
_all: {}

Get all the fields for this record. Useful for not having to list out all the fields you want to retrieve, but slower.

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: any
createdAt: Date

The time at which this record was first created. Set once upon record creation and never changed. Managed by Gadget.

domain: string
errorDetails: null | string
errorMessage: null | string
force: null | boolean
id: string

The globally unique, unchanging identifier for this record. Assigned and managed by Gadget.

models: null | string | any[] | {}
shopId: string
state: string | {}

The current state this record is in. Changed by invoking actions. Managed by Gadget.

syncKey: null | string
syncSince: null | Date

DateTime that this sync was run from

updatedAt: Date

The time at which this record was last changed. Set each time the record is successfully acted upon by an action. Managed by Gadget.

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