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All the data passed to an effect or precondition within the create action on the shopifyProductVariant model.


  • AmbientContext
    • CreateShopifyProductVariantActionContext



api: Client

An instance of the API client for alida-quiz-app-2.

Note: This client is authorized using a superuser internal api token and has permission to invoke any action in the system using normal API mutations or the Internal API.

All alida-quiz-app-2 configuration values

connections: AppConnections

A map of connection name to instantiated connection objects for alida-quiz-app-2

logger: FastifyLoggerInstance

A high performance structured logger which writes logs to the Logs Viewer in the Gadget Editor.

model: NotYetTyped

The model of the record this action is operating on

params: {}

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string | number | boolean | object | bigint | undefined
record: GadgetRecord<{ __typename: "ShopifyProductVariant"; barcode: null | string; compareAtPrice: null | string; createdAt: Date; fulfillmentService: null | string; grams: null | number; id: string; inventoryManagement: null | string; inventoryPolicy: null | string; inventoryQuantity: null | number; inventoryQuantityAdjustment: null | number; oldInventoryQuantity: null | number; option1: null | string; option2: null | string; option3: null | string; position: null | number; presentmentPrices: null | string | any[] | {}; price: null | string; productId: null | string; productImageId: null | string; requiresShipping: null | boolean; shopId: null | string; shopifyCreatedAt: null | Date; shopifyUpdatedAt: null | Date; sku: null | string; state: string | {}; taxCode: null | string; taxable: null | boolean; title: null | string; updatedAt: Date; weight: null | number; weightUnit: null | string }>

The Shopify Product Variant record this action is operating on.

request?: RequestData

The details of the request that is invoking this unit of work, if it was invoked by a request.

Note: Request details are not always present, like during a background connection sync, a background job, or an action retry.

scope: ActionExecutionScope

An object passed between all preconditions and effects of an action execution at the scope property. Useful for transferring data between effects.

session?: Session

The current request's session, if it has one. Requests made by browsers are given sessions, but requests made using Gadget API Keys are not.

sessionID?: string

The current request's session ID, if it has one. Requests made by browsers are given sessions, but requests made using Gadget API Keys are not.

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