Connect to Shopify through the store admin 


To complete this connection, you will need a Shopify account and store.

Note: If you want to create a Development Store that is free beyond Shopify's 14-day free trial, you can also sign up for a Shopify Partners account and create a development store.

  1. In your Shopify Store Admin, click on Settings, at the bottom left of the screen, to open the Settings window
  2. Click on the Apps and sales channels option
The Apps and sales channels option highlighted in the Shopify Admin settings panel
  1. Click on Develop apps for your store
The Shopify Apps settings page, highlighting the button that allows you to enable custom app development on your store
  1. Click Allow custom app development and accept the terms of use (after reading them, of course)
  2. Click Create an app and enter a name for your custom application
The Create an app button available in the Shopify store App settings panel
  1. Click Configure Admin API scopes to select the scopes required by your application
The Configure Admin API scopes button highlighted in the Shopify Admin apps widget
  1. Select the scopes your application requires and click Save
  2. Click on the API credentials tab
Highlight the API credentials tab on the Shopify store Admin apps panel
  1. Install the app on your store
The Install app button on the API credentials tab
  1. In your Gadget app, click on Settings tab in the nav bar
  2. Select the Plugins page and click on the Shopify connection
  3. Click on the Shopify Admin connection type
Highlighting the Shopify Admin connection option on the Gadget Connections page
  1. Enter your store domain

Do not include https:// when copying over your domain, it must be of the format!

  1. Copy credentials (Access Token, Client ID, Client Secret) over from your Shopify Admin to Gadget
The credentials available in Shopify that need to be copied to Gadget
  1. Select the same scopes that you selected in the Shopify Admin scope selection
  2. Select the models that you want to import from Shopify
The scope selection page for a Shopify Connection, with the Product Read/Write scopes selected
  1. Click Sync to sync data from Shopify
A successful connection panel, with the Sync button available to start the data sync

Congrats! You have set up your Admin Connection!