Gadget is a tool that allows developers to build and run a robust backend quickly by reducing the menial, repetitive work involved in building software, freeing you up to focus your time on business logic, not boilerplate.

From hosted database to CRUD and custom API endpoints, our platform provides you with simple, yet powerful building blocks that you can leverage to save time.

Who is it for?

Gadget is for developers who want to ship fast. If you find yourself frustrated by building the same features over and over, or spending more of your time on glue code as opposed to what matters, then Gadget is for you.

Gadget is for people who like to code. While we've artfully reduced the need to write endless code through our abstraction, we still believe that coding is the best way to express complex business logic. So you will still code in Gadget, just not as much.

How does it work?

Gadget is a cradle for your code. You use our platform to get through the boring and straightforward parts of your application, and then write code to solve the unique parts of your problem. Gadget's platform primitives support your business logic by allowing you to hook in at many points. Gadget runs your application on hosted infrastructure that supplies you with a database, a runtime, and other scalable backend tools.

Gadget provides:

  • A hosted, highly available database with goodies like backups and automatic indexing built in
  • An autogenerated API for your data, with rich documentation and configurable access controls
  • Support for more than just CRUD, allowing you to define custom API actions that execute arbitrary business logic
  • Deployless infrastructure that allows you to go from coding to live in an instant
  • Built-in features such as authentication and connections to common third party APIs such as Twilio and SendGrid
  • Serverless, elastic code execution powered by Google Cloud and Kubernetes.

Why is there no open source version? How is it priced?

Much of the magic of Gadget comes from the hosted, batteries included approach we've taken. Gadget runs a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes so you don't have to, like highly available databases, event queues, dataflow processors, operational tooling, and more. We don't want you to have to set that all up yourself -- its too much work, and we want to do it for you. As a result, we're not able to offer the developer experience we're aiming for in the open source model.

Gadget is currently free to use for alpha users. In the future, we're committed to a generous free tier that allows developers to use Gadget for free on side projects or small commercial projects at no cost.

Past the free tier, Gadget will charge a small fee per second of request processing. We don't charge for unused resources like a whole virtual machine on a cloud or unused database capacity.

Why should I trust you with running my backend?

We're a group of seasoned techies with decades of experience building and scaling some of the most popular tech products on the planet. Our backgrounds range from scaling video streaming infrastructure at YouTube, to building commerce primitives at Shopify. We have a lot of experience scaling some of the largest, most demanding backend applications on the planet.

Gadget is the manifestation of all of this experience. We allow you to build a robust backend, with all the best practices of a seasoned veteran, without spending a decade learning the ropes through trial and error.