Shopify tutorials 

Learn how to build Shopify apps by leveraging Gadget's built-in Shopify connections, which handles webhook subscriptions, data sync, authentication, session token management (and more!) out of the box.


Gadget's beginner Shopify tutorials are designed to help you learn how to use the Gadget platform and framework to build Shopify applications.

Connecting to Shopify
10 mins

Learn how to connect to different types of Shopify applications.

Automated product tagger
Shopify connections, Building models, Actions, React frontends
20 mins

Build an embedded Shopify application that automatically tags products in a Shopify store based on description keywords.

Pre-purchase checkout UI extension
Shopify connections, React frontends
20 mins

Learn how to use Gadget and metafields to build Shopify checkout UI extensions.

AI product recommender chatbot
Shopify connections, AI + vector embeddings, HTTP routes, React frontends
30 mins

Use LangChain and OpenAI along with Gadget to build a chatbot that recommends products to shoppers.


Gadget's advanced tutorials are designed to demonstrate how quickly and effortlessly you can build expressive, dynamic apps using Gadget. They focus on solving common Gadget use cases and demonstrate how to use Gadget to build real-world apps. They assume you have a basic understanding of how Gadget works, including data modeling and actions/code effects.

Use Gadget as middleware
Shopify connections, Building models, Actions
25 mins

Use Gadget to send Shopify data to an existing service and Google Cloud Tasks to queue requests to your service.

Call the Gadget API in Liquid (product recommendation quiz)
Embedded Shopify apps, Extend Shopify theme, Access control, Storing files
20 mins

Learn how to call a Gadget API from the Shopify storefront, using a product quiz as an example.